History Of The Church

Court Hey Methodist Church was first establlished in 1943. There have been three changes of premises since then

  • 1943: Reverend T. Johns Martin had the idea of starting a church at Court Hey. 26 people attended the first service, which was held in the canteen of J. Bibby & Sons on Sunday, August 23rd 1943.
  • 1949: The church moved to the first Court Hey Church building, near the railway bridge.
  • 1958: The church moved to a new building, and the previous one becomes the church hall.
  • 1966: Proposals for the M62 mean the church would have to be demolished.
  • 1973: Foundation stone laid for a new building on Roby Road.
  • 1974: December 8th, first service held in the new building, which is still the current one.
  • 2003: The church celebrated its Diamond Anniversary.