Sunday Services, 10:30am

Coming to a Sunday service is a great way to get to know us. Being a Methodist church, our services are particularly open and inclusive. All are welcome to attend and lots of different members of the congregation take part in the service itself.

Sunday schedule

Inside our churchSunday mornings have the following outline:

  • 10am: Doors Open. All are welcome.
  • 10:30am: Service begins. (See "What happens?" below.)
  • 10:45: Children leave the main church if they want to (most Sundays) to take part in child friendly "Lighthouse" activities.
  • 11:30am (ish): Service ends. Time to get together in the church hall for a cuppa and a chat for all who feel like it.

What happens?

When you arrive at church you will be welcomed at the front door and directed to the main church area of the building. This is a nice, modern, airy room with carpets and comfy padded seats - warm in winter and cool in summer. See photo above.

Services are taken by a different minister each week and vary widely in content and format, so they never get boring (honest!). During services, the words to the hymns (among other things) are projected onto a big screen at the front so there's no need to go fumbling about with hymn books unless you want to. For those who do prefer them, hymn books are available in both standard and large print versions.

After the service, we get together in the church hall (another room in the same building) for tea, coffee, biscuits and a chat before heading off home.

Who can attend?

Everyone is welcome of course! People from all Christian denominations are welcome to attend, as indeed are those of other faiths or none at all. All parts of the church used for Sunday services are fully wheelchair accessible and we take special care to provide for those with young children to look after.

Do I need to dress up?

Not unless you want to. Some of our congregation make an effort to dress formally for Sunday services, but most people wear whatever they're comfortable with. The days of getting togged up in your "Sunday best" are long since gone, so feel free to come as you are. You'll get a warm welcome no matter how you're dressed.

What about children/babies?Children's Area in Church

Yes, of course they're welcome! For babies and toddlers, we have a "children's area" in the main part of the church (photo opposite) where parents can take care of their young children while still fully taking part in the service. Or if you prefer, they can be looked after in our crèche, which is staffed by experienced and fully CRB checked volunteers.

About 20 minutes after the start of most services, older children can choose to leave the adults if they wish and take part in their own child friendly, age appropriate "Lighthouse" activities elsewhere in the building. It's not compulsory though, it's entirely their choice.

All-age services

On these Sundays, children and adults worship together for the whole service. The service is child friendly but not specifically aimed at children - there is something for everyone. All-age services are normally held on the third Sunday of each month.

Communion services

These are normally held on the fourth Sunday of each month. Everyone who attends is welcome to take communion if they wish to, with no exceptions. (By the way, Methodists drink non alcoholic wine at communion.)

Out and about

We occasionally join forces with other local Methodist churches for our Sunday services. This allows us to get to know other Methodists, widening our circle of friends. This friendly, sociable way of worshipping is one of the things that makes Methodists different from other Christian denominations. Fellowship - meeting with other Christians - is something that has been particularly important to us from our beginnings. Of course we publicise these Sundays well in advance.

If our Sunday service has moved to another church, you will find free transport waiting outside our church at 10.30 to take you to the service and bring you back again should you need it.

Find us

See the How to find us page for details of bus routes etc.